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Outdoor chair now is very common used in the park, the village leisure place, entertainment plaza, etc. Outdoor plastic chair becomes a beautiful scene of the city, it is convenient to have brought for people, make more harmonious environment.
JNMOULD is making various of outdoor chair mould, such as garden chair mould with and without armrest, casual outdoor chair mould, outdoor rattan chair mould, outdoor chair mould with and without gas-assisted, etc.

Usually, the plastic material for outdoor chair mould is PP, PC, ABS, PMMA.
Now PC transparent outdoor chair and rattan outdoor chair are very popular in using.
JNMOULD is professional in making PC chair mould and rattan chair mould, with and without gas-assisted.
If you want further information about outdoor chair mould, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you not only a mould, but also a perfect solution.
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