garden furniture mould

As a professional garden furniture mould manufacturer, Jnmould has been providing high-quality garden furniture moulds to the world for more than 20 years, including lounge set mould, deck box mould, etc.
1. lounge set mould, in order to simplified design of sofa assembly, Jnmould has formed a set of mature technology to facilitate the assembly for end users, it promotes the sales volume of garden lounge set.
2. Especially for the deck box mould, Jnmould set the steel parts into the deck box to increase the strength of deck box, and it can reduce the deformation of the product. The steel parts are in the inside of deck box, So the steel won't be rust after long-term using in the garden.
3. Large garden furniture mould, Jinnuo will apply multi-point injection to increase the density of the garden furniture, so that garden furniture is not easy to age in the sunshine.

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