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Design of injection mold

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We have all kinds of plastic products around us. Plastic is used in household goods, household appliances, cars, and various parts of airplanes. In modern society, plastic products have become an indispensable existence. In injection molding, most plastic products are made by pouring molten plastic into the mold core, which is then cooled to form a product with a predetermined shape. This method of producing plastic products is called injection molding. If the mould is used to produce the same quality products in large quantities, the product price will be greatly reduced and the product quality will be stable. Therefore, plastic injection molding has been widely used in the industry.

Design of injection mold

Clear plastic design
It is required to read the parts drawing of plastic parts carefully, consider the feasibility and economy of the injection molding process from the aspects of the product's plastic varieties, shape of plastic parts, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, etc., and discuss with the product designer the possibility of modifying the material types and structure of plastic parts if necessary

Define the production batch of plastic parts
In small batch production, in order to reduce the cost, the mold as simple as possible;
In mass production, should ensure the quality of plastic parts under the precondition, as far as possible to use a mold multi-cavity or high-speed automatic production, in order to shorten the production cycle, improve productivity.

The calculation of the volume and quality of plastic parts is to choose the injection molding machine, according to the volume or weight of plastic parts to roughly determine the structure of the mold, preliminarily determine the injection molding machine model, understand the use of the injection molding machine and the design of the mold related technical parameters.

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