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Plastic Bucket Mold

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For barrel molds, the most important factor to consider is the consistency of wall thickness, as uneven wall thickness can lead to molding injection failure after a certain period of time. This requires the use of high precision tooling throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to wall thickness, the cooling system plays a crucial role in the upcoming molding injection period. The cooling system must be designed specifically for the plastic drum. Incorrect cooling water lines may affect the efficiency of the entire injection process.

Plastic bucket mould technical points:

1,The reasons for uneven wall thickness of barrel caused by eccentric barrel mold

(1) If the cooling water flows unevenly in each area of the core cavity of the barrel mold, it will cause the flow difference of the molten plastic, the hotter the area will be more liquid, the colder the area will be less liquid, thus making the barrel wall thicker in the hotter area. Under normal circumstances, different temperatures will cause at least 0.05mm tolerance. (2)generally speaking, the height of the barrel mold zero degree four Buick lock should be 20%-30% of the height of the plastic barrel, such as a smaller barrel should be 20%, a larger barrel mold should be around 30% height. (3) when we do the core cavity processing of the barrel mold, processing equipment also has a great influence on the barrel mold molding.

2,How to avoid the bucket mould core eccentric, which caused the bucket wall thickness not even?

1.Optimal and equal cooling effects in different area of cavity and core of the bucket moulds.

2.The lock height of the plastic bucket moulds: In general, the lock height of the plastic bucket mould is 20%-30% than the plastic bucket. Smaller barral mould is 20% and bigger pail mould should be about 30% height.

3.The accurate machining process to the bucket mould cavity and cores.

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