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Auto door mold is very strict and no shrinkage, water mark, scratching or lack of glue are allowed. The most common problem is the oblique roof prone to leakage front. Because of the large number of inclined top and straight top of automotive door molds and the large area of insertion and puncture, a small error in repair and installation may lead to a batch front. Because of the structure of the car door plate mold, the general car door plate mold will have more than 5 into the mouth, in the position of the two glue fusion is easy to appear the phenomenon of water clip, can be solved by improving the position of the gate and strengthen the exhaust. Cooling must be fully considered and waterways arranged as far as possible with as large a diameter as possible. Eject is safe and reasonable, guide bar assists eject from inclined top. The parting surface is set reasonably, which is convenient for injection molding and mold matching manufacturing process, and R Angle parting surface is processed into straight line.

Jnmould has cooperated with many main manufacturers to produce and supply auto mold, car door mold, spare parts etc. Our main customers are Peugeot, Benz, Renault, Chery, JAC and so on. The door panel of automotive is one of the auto parts projects that our company often does, including the front and rear door panel of automotive, the side envelope panel, and the decorative panel of suitcase, etc

Doors are interior molds, car door mold 1 mold 1 cavity usually 895mmx770mmx105mm. All the horn mesh is made in the rear die. Through continuous experience in automotive door mold manufacturing, we have formed a stable working mode between design, processing, assembly and mold frame factory coordination, thus ensuring mold manufacturing cycle and making mold problem treatment more targeted and professional.

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