home appliance mould

JNMOULD has the home appliance mould project teams. Jinnuo supply one set of home appliance mould solution according to customer’s idea; then form one complete mature set of mould solution; the surface of the home appliance will be smoothly, and no issue for assembly; in the end, it will help customer to capture their market.

Our home appliance moulding technology advanced and excellent quality can ensure high-quality products. Jnmould is a supplier and manufacturer of a large number of moulds in the home appliance industry. We have made many moulds for refrigerators, air fans, air conditioners, televisions, etc. Jnmould cooperated with Siemens and Bosch for refrigerator mould design and manufacturing; we also supplied service to the oversea customer for air cooler mould; especially, we have been improving the technology in making the TV mould When TV industry developed from CRT, LCD to LED, so that we can supply whole set solution for TV mould quickly.

As the market of small home appliance develops, Jinnuo has been supplying different small home appliance moulds. As a China home appliance mould manufacturer, Jnmould has completed a number of projects for home appliance mould. We use advanced 2D and 3D software to build complex plastic products. In this process, we choose the most appropriate processing equipment and processing methods, in order to manufacture high-quality appliances mould. We guarantee the accuracy and accuracy of plastic moulds used in the manufacture of home appliances. In order to meet the requirements of different processing and mould life, a variety of high-quality mould steels are used to manufacture home appliances moulds.

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