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Professional Injection Mould Maker

  • How to make a car bumper mold?

    How to make a car bumper mold?

    Jnmould has provided automobile bumper mold for Peugeot, Leylo, Benz, and TOYOTA. We pay attention to the processing size of the automobile bumper mold and the matching relationship with the bumper assembly.

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Barrel Mould

    The Ultimate Guide To Barrel Mould

    Jnmould is a professional barrel mould manufacturer in China. We made about 20 kinds of barrel mould in last year.

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  • Design of injection mold

    Design of injection mold

    In injection molding, most plastic products are made by pouring molten plastic into the mold core, which is then cooled to form a product with a predetermined shape.

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  • Want To Step Up Your TRASH CAN MOLD? You Need To Read This First

    Want To Step Up Your TRASH CAN MOLD? You Need To Read This First

    Jnmould is a well-known plastic injection moulds manufacturer in China, and we can provide our customers with high-quality, high-yielding trash can molds.

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  • China plastic pallet mould

    China plastic pallet mould

    Jnmould is a China plastic pallet mould manufacturers. We have a professional R&D team in the production of China plastic pallet mould.

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  • plastic bus chair mould

    plastic bus chair mould

    Jnmould is professional in mould design and custom production of all kinds of chair mould, we have provided the plastic bus chair mould for European customers.

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  • home appliance mold supplier

    home appliance mold supplier

    JNMOULD professional design, production of various types of home appliance mold, we are a number of home appliance mold suppliers around the world.

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  • Chinese bucket mould supplier

    Chinese bucket mould supplier

    As a Chinese bucket mould supplier, Jnmould has a comprehensive range of plastic bucket mould, including water bucket mould, paint bucket mould

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  • hot runner mould

    hot runner mould

    With the increasing using of hot runner technology, the proportion of hot runner moulds in plastic moulds will gradually increase.

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  • Auto door mold manufacturer in China

    Auto door mold manufacturer in China

    Jnmould has cooperated with many main manufacturers to produce and supply auto mold, car door mold, spare parts etc.

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