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Professional Injection Mould Maker

  • What is the car mould?

    What is the car mould?

    In general, "automobile mould" is the general term for the moulds used to manufacture all automobile parts.For example, injection moulds, stamping molds, forging molds, casting wax moulds, glass moulds, etc.

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  • Tips about plastic turnaround boxes

    Tips about plastic turnaround boxes

    Plastic turnover boxes are frequently used in production and life. Different types of plastic turnover boxes are used from the shelves of fruit stores, beer bottle boxes and Coke bottle boxes used in the catering industry to storage boxes in logistics and transportation.

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  • Plastic Pallets Making And Advantages

    Plastic Pallets Making And Advantages

    Jnmould has years of experience and mature technology in the design and processing of the pallet mould. At present, the main plastic pallets of the pallet are injection-molded pallets and blow-molded pallets. Among them, Tian-shaped injection-molded pallets, Sichuan-shaped injection-molded pallets and nine-foot blow-molded pallets are compared common.

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  • Gas Assisted Injection Molding Technology

    Gas Assisted Injection Molding Technology

    JNMOULD gas - assisted injection molding is widely used, can form a variety of types of injection parts. We have decades of plastic mold manufacturing experience, in plastic molding technology, we can always provide customers with the best solutions.

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  • Household appliances mould

    Household appliances mould

    With the development of industry, the application of household appliance mold is more and more extensive. There are many injection moulds for household appliances, such as TV Mould, Air Conditioner Mould, Air Cooler Mould, Washing Machine Mould. These molds have a unique design and excellent surface finish.

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  • commodity mold

    commodity mold

    commodity mold is the mold used to make commodity goods. Commodities come in different colors, shapes and thicknesses, and refer to molded products used in everyday life.

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  • Auto Mould

    Auto Mould

    The most important part of automotive moulds is the covering parts mould. This kind of mould is mainly cold punching mould. In a broad sense, "automotive mould" is a general term for all the moulds used to make all the parts of an automobile.

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  • How to make a car bumper mold?

    How to make a car bumper mold?

    Jnmould has provided automobile bumper mold for Peugeot, Leylo, Benz, and TOYOTA. We pay attention to the processing size of the automobile bumper mold and the matching relationship with the bumper assembly.

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Barrel Mould

    The Ultimate Guide To Barrel Mould

    Jnmould is a professional barrel mould manufacturer in China. We made about 20 kinds of barrel mould in last year.

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  • Design of injection mold

    Design of injection mold

    In injection molding, most plastic products are made by pouring molten plastic into the mold core, which is then cooled to form a product with a predetermined shape.

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