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Professional Injection Mould Maker

  • trash can mould

    trash can mould

    Jinnuo Mould supplies trash can mould, pedal trash can mould, medical trash can mould, and industrial trash can mould.

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  • What is garden furniture mould?

    What is garden furniture mould?

    JNMOULD is the leading garden furniture mould manufacturer, we have a wealth of garden furniture mould manufacturing experience.

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  • What is plastic pallet mould?

    What is plastic pallet mould?

    As a professional plastic pallet mould manufacturer in China, Jinnuo produces various plastic pallet moulds, such as foldable pallet mould, recyclable pallet mould...

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  • injection furniture mould manufacturer

    injection furniture mould manufacturer

    Jnmould is an injection furniture mould manufacturer. We have exported furniture mould for nearly 20 years. Furniture mould is one of the products of Jnmould.

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  • China toolbox mould

    China toolbox mould

    China toolbox mould quality suppliers, if you need plastic toolbox mold, please contact us. JNMOULD will provide you with detailed toolbox solutions and best quotes.

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  • Plastic washing machine mould

    Plastic washing machine mould

    Jnmould is a professional plastic washing machine mould maker. Washing machine mould is a general term for all washing machine parts moulds, including inner cylinder mould, shell mould, cover mould, control panel mould ...

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  • Plastic Crate mould Manufacturers

    Plastic Crate mould Manufacturers

    JNMOULD is China leading plastic crate mould manufacturer, specializes in the manufacture and design and various plastic crate mould to international customers.

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  • Plastic bucket mould manufacturer in china

    Plastic bucket mould manufacturer in china

    Plastic bucket mould manufacturer, Jnmould can provide you with bucket mould, paint bucket mould, industrial bucket mould, plastic bucket mould and so on.

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  • China folding plastic  crate mould

    China folding plastic crate mould

    JNMOULD design and produce more than 2000 sets of different kinds of crate mould, such as: bottle crate mould, aquatic crate mould, vegetable crate mould, plastic industry crate mould, folding crate mould and so on.

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  • Washing machine mould

    Washing machine mould

    Jinnuo Mould is a famous manufacturer of washing machine mould and an exporter of washing machine mould. We are keen to provide customers with washing machine moulding solutions.

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  • Auto mould

    Auto mould

    "Auto mould" is the general name of all parts auto mould, such as auto stamping mould, auto forging mould, auto casting wax mould, auto injection mould, auto glass mould, etc.

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  • What kind of pallet mould service life is long?

    What kind of pallet mould service life is long?

    Looking for pallet mould supplier with high quality steel. Mold steel selection is a very important part in the whole pallet molding process.

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  • Plastic crate mould manufacturer

    Plastic crate mould manufacturer

    JNMOULD specializes in the design and manufacture various plastic crate moulds to international customers. Include: plastic industry crate mould, plastic agricultural crate mould, plastic transport crate mould, Multi-cavity crate mould

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  • flower pot mould

    flower pot mould

    Jinnuo is a well-known flower pot manufacturer and flower pot mould factory in China. It is committed to professionally producing various plastic planting moulds, such as PET, PP plastic flower pots,

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  • China quality children chair mould supplier

    China quality children chair mould supplier

    As a high-quality chair mould moulding expert in China, Jnmould specializes in producing children chair moulds with armrests, children chair moulds without armrests, plastic kids chair moulds ...

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  • Plastic baby toy mould

    Plastic baby toy mould

    As one of the most professional plastic baby toy mould manufacturers and suppliers in China, Jnmould are characterized by high quality toy mould and considerate service.

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  • plastic paint bucket mould

    plastic paint bucket mould

    Jnmould provides the best solution for the paint bucket mould according customer's request, through adjusting the steel, cavity number, injection channel structure to make the efficient production.

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  • The main points of plastic crate moulding

    The main points of plastic crate moulding

    How to make plastic crate? What is the plastic crate moulding process? What are the factors that influence the moulding cycle?

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  • china plastic pallet mould manufacturer

    china plastic pallet mould manufacturer

    As the professional plastic injection mould manufacturer, Jnmould’s pallet moulds not only produce double-side pallet mould, single-side pallet mould, but also produce the foldable pallets and recyclable pallet.

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  • Plastic Basket Mould Factory

    Plastic Basket Mould Factory

    As a professional basket mould factory in china, Jnmould has produced many different types of plastic basket mould, such as shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, storage basket mould, etc.

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