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Professional Houseware & Automobile Injection Mould Maker 专业的家具用品和汽车注塑模具厂家

Professional Houseware And Automobile Injection Mould Maker

Zhejiang Huangyan Jinnuo Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, specializes in designing and manufacturing the moulds for automobiles, furniture products, home appliance and logistic series. With its modern facility, Jinnuo has an area of 13,330m² constructed on the land of 10,000m², and more than 150 employees. Jinnuo owns more than 50 sets of large-size CNC equipments. The main plastic injection mould are as follows:
1. Furniture series, such as PC/PP chair & table mould, rattan chair & table mould, plastic container mould, flower pot mould.
2. Logistic series, such as pallet mould, pallet box, crate mould, dustbin mould.

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plastic injection mould

furniture mould

Furniture Mould

Jnmould is a famous china mould company, professional offer various type furniture mould.

  • Plastic Chair Mould
  • Plastic Table Mould
  • garden product mould

    Garden Product Mould

    JNMOULD is the leading manufacture for garden product mould, and the gardening product mould takes large share.

  • Garden Furniture Mould
  • Sun Lounger Mould
  • Flower Pot Mould
  • houseware mould

    Houseware Mould

    JNMOULD company located in Huangyan mold town, professional offer various type houseware moulds.

  • Plastic Storage Box Mould
  • Plastic Basket Mould
  • Plastic Bucket Mould
  • Plastic Container Mould
  • Plastic Kitchen Series Mould
  • auto mould

    Auto Mould

    JNMOULD has rich experience in manufacturing auto mould, we can offer tools from small precise parts to big complex automotive parts.

  • Auto Bumper Mould
  • Auto Door Mould
  • Instrument Panel Mould
  • Auto Air Conditioner Mould
  • Other Auto Mould
  • logistics product mould

    Logistics Product Mould

    JNMOULD has a set of mature technology for logistics product mould, and we have professional team to cooperate with customer to finish the mould project.

  • Pallet Mould
  • Pallet Box Mould
  • Plastic Dustbin Mould
  • Plastic Crate Mould
  • Home Appliance Mould

    JNMOULD has the home appliance mould project teams. We supply one set of home appliance mould solution according to customer's idea.

  • TV Mould
  • Air Conditioner Mould
  • Air Cooler Mould
  • Washing Machine Mould
  • Children Product Mould

    JNMOULD is the leading manufacture for children product mould, the child products mold takes large share.

  • Baby Bathtub Mould
  • Children Chair Mould
  • Plastic Toy Mould
  • Industry Product Mould

    JNMOULD has been cooperating with customers for industry product mould, such as toolbox mould, paint bucket mould, meter box mould, etc.

  • Toolbox Mould
  • Paint Bucket Mould
  • Drain Box Mould
  • Production Capacity


    In order to strengthen staff’s rally power, mobilize staff’s enthusiasm and moral, Jinnuo not only concern the skill improvement of mould designing and mould making , but pay attention to improving the corporate culture, organizing staff to enter and enjoy the nature. So It enhance the spirit and capacity of communication and coordination.


    We possess the deep understanding and extensive experience in a wide variety of injection molding technologies and production methods to assist customers in transforming innovative ideas to reality. Benefit from the precise molds, world-class machine, precise molding process.

    Quality Control

    • Details highlight the perfect.
    • Details determine success or failure.
    • Jinnuo mould analyse omnibearing of the product, craft all the details, no matter from which point of view, it shows the perfect combination of wisdom and technology.





    Our Services

    We provide the best solution on request and provide timely service.

    - Quality and quantity delivery within the specified time. - Die life from 500k to 10 million shots. - Tailored, 1 year quality free guarantee


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