houseware mould

Jinnuo Mould is a professional houseware product mould maker, we have been producing the different style of  house ware product mould for different customers since 1992. The household product moulds takes 40% share in our company moulds.

Basket mould: Including fruit basket mould, vegetable blue mould, shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, drain basket mould, folding fruit basket mould, portable plastic basket mould, etc.

Storage container mould: single container mould, complete set of storage lockers, transparent container mould, thin wall container mould.

Plastic bucket mould: Jnmould have made the largest mould of more than 20 tons. In the processing of plastic bucket mold, avoiding eccentricity is a key point.

Kitchen ware mould: including knife and fork mold mould, bowl rack mould, plastic cutting board mould, plastic washing basket mould, drain basket mould, spoon mould, plastic dish mould, basin mould, ice lattice mould, , bottle opener mould, etc.

Jnmould can provide customers with reasonable and professional mould solutions from small to large size, simple to complex structure, from single to assembly, from non transparent to transparent parts, so as to achieve win-win results.

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