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"Auto mould" is the general name of all parts auto mould, such as auto stamping mould, auto forging mould, auto casting wax mould, auto injection mould, auto glass mould, etc. There are four kinds of methods to classify auto mould according to the different processing methods of plastic parts, it can be divided into the following categories: injection auto mould, compression mould, injection mould and extrusion mould.

The molding process of the injection auto mold is characterized in that the plastic is placed in the heating barrel of the injection machine, the plastic is heated and melted, pushed by the screw or plunger of the injection machine, enters the injection mold cavity through the nozzle and the pouring system of the mold, and the plastic is molded in the mold cavity through pressure maintaining, cooling and solidification. Injection molding can not only shape complex plastic parts, but also produce high efficiency and good quality. So injection molding occupies a large proportion in the plastic parts molding, and the injection mold accounts for more than half of the plastic molding mold. Injection molding machine is mainly used for the molding of thermoplastic. In recent years, it is also gradually used for the thermoplastic molding.

For auto bumper, auto bumper is one of the most important exterior parts. The bumper must have enough strength and rigidity to play a buffering role in vehicle collision. In addition, it must meet the requirements of light vehicles. As a professional automobile mold manufacturer, Jnmould has rich experience in automobile bumper mold. This year, we have produced more than 20 kinds of high-end auto bumper mould. Contact Jmould to consult and order auto bumper mould, or click here to view some auto mould.

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