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Are you looking for a professional long-term partner China Mould Company? Jnmould have more than 17 years of rich work experience employees and more than 50 sets of large-scale CNC equipment. Send us your quotation request and we will ensure that you get the moulds you need at a competitive price.

China Mould provides support for your business. China Mould has been widely used in products such as automobiles, home appliances, consumer electronics, instrumentation, aerospace and medical equipment. Chinese mould makers can be said to be the best in the injection moulding industry. As a powerful force in the world of injection moulds, China mould makers can provide your company with extensive knowledge and expertise in injection moulding. If you want to purchase injection moulds for plastic products, JNMOULD will be your best choice.

How to choose a China mold supplier?

  • 1. When obtaining a quotation from a China mould manufacturer, you must check the hardness of the cavity and core insert steel, mould size, mould weight, mould life, number of cavities, gate type, surface finish, T1 delivery Time and payment terms.
  • 2. Check the quality control system of the mould manufacturer.
  • 3. You can ask China mould manufacturers to send you Moldflow analysis based on mould design.
  • 4. After the mould design is confirmed, you can ask the China mould supplier to send you the mould plan every week. You can also ask the China injection mould manufacturer to send you a steel certificate and hardness report to check the quality and hardness of the steel.
  • 5. After the mould test, you can ask the China mould manufacturer to send you the mould test video, injection moulding test report and sample inspection report.
  • 6. Before delivering the China injection mould, ask them to send you pictures of electrodes, spare parts, 2D engineering drawings and all other related technical documents.

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