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China quality children chair mould supplier

Join Date: 2020-03-27

Jnmould has designed and produced a series of children chair mould. As a high-quality chair mould moulding expert in China, Jnmould specializes in producing children chair moulds with armrests, children chair moulds without armrests, plastic kids chair moulds ... Jnmould combines cartoon characters with chairs to supply beautiful, high-quality chairs with the best kids chair mould.

Compared with ordinary chairs, children chairs are smaller, but require higher accuracy. Jnmould not only provide you with injection part design, mould design and mould flow analysis of plastic children chair moulds, but also provide you with the best solutions for children chair moulds.

As a Chinese children chair mould manufacturer, Jnmould has been engaged in the customization and development of chair moulds for many years. For Any decorative holes in the chair, we will carefully analyze whether there is any potential safety hazard. By increasing the R angle, the product strength is increased and the safety factor is improved.

Jnmould recommends that customers use 718H or P20 mould steel to ensure that the children chair mould can have a life of more than 500,000 times.

Jnmould has adopted a cooling system design that has been continuously optimized for many years, which not only makes the chair mould run smoothly, but also reduces the moulding cycle.

Jnmould applies modern science and technology to simulate the strength of the product, meet and exceed your requirements. Balancing product strength with the amount of plastic raw materials gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

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