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commodity mold

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commodity mold is the mold used to make commodity goods. Commodities come in different colors, shapes and thicknesses, and refer to molded products used in everyday life. Products all over your life, such as

food container mould
JNMOULD has rich experience in the manufacturing of Food Container Mould, using suitable high quality mould steel, reasonable design and cooling system. Now there are many kinds of plastic box molds on the market, plastic box types include: storage box, thin plastic fast-food box, microwave oven plastic box, most of the plastic boxes are made by food grade high temperature resistant PP, PE material, etc.DIN 1.2738 steel ensures a good finish and a long finish, as well as a long time in high pressure moulding. We have the experience and ability to produce a plastic box size of 300*250*150mm, with cycle of 28 seconds 4 cavities or 8 cavities plastic box mold. We can produce box molds with wall thickness of 0.5-1.0mm, and the wall thickness tolerance range is not more than 0.003mm.

Bucket mould
JNMOULD provides a wide range of plastic bucket molds, ranging in volume from 50ml to 20L. Because of our expertise in this field, we offer our customers a wide range of bucket mold manufacturing and design. Bucket moulds are usually manufactured using high quality raw materials and cutting edge technology, and are available in different designs, shapes and sizes according to the specific requirements of the customer. Paint buckets, we made from 50 ml to 20L molds with handles, like 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 1 gallon, 5 liters, 10 liters...

Crate mould
JNMOULD specializes in manufacturing a variety of crate molds, adding beryllium copper to ensure better cooling and faster cycle time. High quality mould steel and hot runner system ensure long die life. We produce crate molds, such as bottle crate, fruit crate, bread crate, thin-wall crate, folding crate, etc. Every customer wants a long service life, high speed crate mold. We usually add beryllium copper to the slider to shorten the cycle time.

Pallet mould
JNMOULD has rich experience in manufacturing large pallet mould, such as single-side pallet mould, double-side pallet mould, two-way into pallet mould, four-way into pallet mould and so on. We have a professional design and assembly team, providing quality mold to customers is our goal.

Dustbin mould
As a plastic dustbin mold supplier, we can design and manufacture household dustbin mold, medical dustbin mold, industrial dustbin mold. Din1.2344+ copper beryllium is used in the core and cavity of the mold. The use of beryllium copper reduces cooling time and waste, and increases production by 30-40%. We recommend that our customers use a hot runner system to make the product looking good.

In Jinnuo, you can choose the standard mold for commodity, or choose to customize the mould to produce the commodity you need.

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