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Join Date: 2021-08-21

With rich experience in the production team of home appliances mold (such as plastic storage box mold, plastic basket mold, plastic bucket mold, plastic container mold, plastic kitchen mold), Jnmould mold has a set of its own unique insights in home appliances mold.Jnmould mold, currently with Siemens, Expo and other customers cooperation, and help customers to seize the market.

From the beginning of the mold flow analysis, product design optimization, mold design and improvement, parts of the mass production, Jnmould can provide a set of solutions according to the ideas of customers and ensure that the home appliances mold surface smooth, assembly is not a problem.

With the continuous development of household electrical mould in the global market, Jnmould Mould, as a Chinese home electrical mould manufacturer, we use advanced software to build complex mould products and have completed a number of household electrical mould projects.

Until now, we are still constantly improving our home appliance mold molding technology, to focus on home appliance mold customers to provide a better solution.

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