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JNMOULD is China leading plastic crate mould manufacturer, specializes in the manufacture and design and various plastic crate mould to international customers.

Plastic industry crate mould (plastic folding crate mould, plastic lidded crate mould, injection storage crate mould)

Plastic agricultural crate mould (vegetable crate mould, fruit crate mould)

Plastic transport crate mould (beer bottle crate mould, fish crate mould, bread crate mould)

Multi-cavity crate mould (1 cavity, 2 cavities, 4 cavities...)

Plastic crate mould usually use the mould steel such as 45 #, 40Cr, P20, 2738, 2316, 718, NAK80, S136 and so on. It is generally recommended to use 718, P20 materials.

Crate mould design: Designing a good mold structure is a prerequisite for a qualified mould manufacturing. Before mold manufacturing, all aspects of mould structure and product structure must be analyzed, including: demoulding angle, product surface sink mark, injection system design , air exhaust system design, cooling system design, etc. The design of the cooling system is a relatively complicated task. It is necessary to consider not only the cooling effect and the uniformity of cooling, but also the influence of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mould. Jinnuo's crate mould adopts the way of circulating water to flow in every part of the mold, which can  reduce the cooling time during injection, improve the production efficiency of the product, and greatly reduce the production cost.

Weekly maintenance for plastic crate mold:

1. Routine maintenance of the mold: various moving parts such as ejector pin, row position, guide pin, guide bushing oiling, cleaning of the mold surface, and water drain,  which should be maintained every day when the mold production.

2. Regular maintenance: In addition to daily maintenance, the exhaust slot must be cleaned, damaged, and worn parts corrected.

3. Appearance maintenance: Paint the outside of the crate mould base to avoid rust. When the mold is taken down, the fixed part and movable part should be coated with rust-proof oil. The mold should be closed tightly when stored to prevent dust from entering the cavity.

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