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Plastic baby toy mould

Join Date: 2020-03-16

As one of the most professional plastic baby toy mould manufacturers and suppliers in China, Jnmould are characterized by high quality toy mould and considerate service. Please feel free to purchase plastic baby toy moulds made in Jnmould.

Plastic baby toy mould has a wide range of prospects, the growth rate of plastic baby toy mould and plastic baby use mould industry is faster and faster. Babies always want more toys, such as plastic toy cars, blocks, plastic shovels and so on. Jnmould is a professional manufacturer of baby use mould and baby toy mould, with rich experience and technical accumulation in the design and manufacture of children's mould.

Jnmould strictly controls the manufacturing process of plastic baby toy mould. As a high-quality plastic toy mold supplier, Jnmould has the following plastic toy mold molding advantages:

1.The use of high safety grade of plastic raw materials and die steel, long service life of mould, high precision products. Jnmould is familiar with the characteristics of each plastic material, fully considering the shrinkage of plastic to ensure the size difference of toy parts.

2. The design and structure of baby toy mold are reasonable, and the product is safer and more comfortable.At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of smooth surface, matte surface and printed surface of baby toys, Jnmould will choose the most suitable process to process cavity according to your needs.

3.A variety of choices, Jnmould has produced baby bathtub mould, baby chair mould, baby toy mould. According to the customer requirements to customize the mold.

4.Through high precision and high speed tooling CNC machine tools, all the baby toy molds can get a good parting line.In addition, Jnmould can also meet the large or small special toy mold customization requirements.

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