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Plastic bucket mould manufacturer in china

Join Date: 2020-05-12

Plastic bucket mould manufacturer,Jnmould can provide you with bucket mould, paint bucket mould, industrial bucket mould, plastic bucket mould and so on. We have nearly 20 years of experience in mould manufacturing and perfect after-sales service. Jnmould is a professional plastic bucket mold manufacturer, is a famous bucket mold supplier in China. Jnmould made about 20 types of plastic bucket molds last year.

Jnmould is committed to providing high quality plastic bucket molds to meet the needs of our customers.The provided bucket molds are widely used in the plastic industry to manufacture plastic buckets, which are widely used in the commercial and residential fields.In addition, the barrel was made with a strong handle and lid.Plastic bucket molds are popular in the market for their perfect surface treatment, long service life, light weight and outstanding strength. The advantages of Jnmould plastic bucket mold include:

1. The mold steel material is generally 2738, S136, 718H, P20, and its hardness is HRC 33-36 or even better.It not only guarantees the quality of the plastic bucket mold, but also can achieve 500,000-1,000,000 times of mold life, in addition to meet the high requirements of the inner wall finish.

2. Our cavity and the stripper plate are according to the requirement of DIN1.2738, 718, DIN 1.2311  P20 requirements.For the mould base, we use 45 steel.

3. Generally, PE or PP are used as raw materials for plastic buckets. The gate method is generally the hot runner point gate.

4. Good cooling design, different areas of the core have the best and equal cooling effect.The molding cycle of plastic bucket mold is generally 20-30 seconds.

5. For the processing of the bucket cover mold and the mold structure, we process the mold according to the customer's requirements when manufacturing the mold, and take the customer's Suggestions to make the production mold more in line with the customer's requirements. Our designers will design the barrel mold according to the customer's drawings or samples.

6. We will fully test both the mold and the sample to ensure that the product can meet your requirements.

Advanced plastic bucket forming technology enables us to manufacture large barrel molds, complex bucket molds, deep cavity barrel molds and high precision bucket molds.The excellent cooling design of Jnmould mould can effectively save the mould forming cycle and reduce the cost.We will also provide beryllium copper inlays for high end bucket molds to better ensure mold performance.

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