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The Ultimate Guide To Barrel Mould

Join Date: 2021-01-05

Jnmould is a professional barrel mould manufacturer in China. We made about 20 kinds of barrel mould in last year. Now we’d like to share with you some knowledge about barrel injection mould, including design barrel injection mould and manufacturing barrel injection mould. During the bucket molding process, the molten plastic is fed into the barrel mould and filled into the entire cavity, then cooled and hardened.

We apply S136, 718h, P20 and other die steel on the barrel injection mould, the specification depends on customer requirements. It is suggested that hrc35-38 be used as the cavity and core steel for the mould with a service life of 1 million. It is suggested that hrc45-48 should be used as the cavity and core steel for the mould life of more than 3 million barrels. When we do the core of barrel mould, we should pay special attention to the selection of processing equipment.

According to the barrel mould design, we design the cooling system in the core, slider, scraper and cavity In order to get better cooling. For the core of barrel mould, the cooling channel should be designed at 15mm below the molding surface, and the diameter of cooling channel should be greater than 12mm, so as to make the water flow smoothly in the channel and take away the heat in the core. If the cooling water flows unevenly in the core and cavity of the barrel mould, the flow difference of molten plastics will be caused. The hotter the area is, the greater the fluidity will be, and the colder the area will be, the thicker the barrel wall will be. Normally, different temperatures will result in a tolerance of at least 0.05mm.

In addition to the mould of the barrel body, we also provide mould for the lid and handle. Jnmould is a leader in the field of plastic injection mold, and is very good at the production and manufacturing of barrel mold. If you have the demand of this kind of mold, you are welcome to consult.

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