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What is garden furniture mould?

Join Date: 2020-07-14

Have you ever noticed in the market which type of garden furniture mould is popular and sells well? Folding chairs, rattan chairs, rattan sofas, etc. JNMOULD manufactures many different types of garden furniture moulds.

Nowadays, many people like eating in the garden, they usually set tables in a circle, and they use plastic tables and plastic chairs. That's why more and more manufacturers are starting to make garden table moulds and garden chair moulds. At the same time, due to the excellent appearance brought about by rattan, garden rattan chair mould can save investment and improve production efficiency solutions, so rattan table and chair mould in the garden furniture mould accounted for a large proportion.

JNMOULD is the leading garden furniture mould manufacturer, we have a wealth of garden furniture mould manufacturing experience. Like tables, we have many special designs, such as leg-swapping, and our solutions minimize the cost of garden furniture moulds while ensuring mould quality.

JNMOULD can produce a complete set of rattan garden furniture moulds, including rattan tables, rattan chairs, such a set of tables and chairs to enhance the overall aesthetic. Injection systems for imitation vine-textured furniture moulds usually use cold runner gate and have the function of automatic top-up of the thimble. Usually, JNMOULD uses S45C steel for mould frames, 718H is used for mould cores and cavities, saving costs and ensuring mould service life.

Whether it is injection moulding machines, raw materials and so on, JNMOULD can provide you with reasonable advice. Welcome to contact me for a new garden furniture mould project, we 100% restore or improve your original sample design, and before making garden furniture moulds to provide you with new 3D printing or prototyping services.

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