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What is plastic pallet mould?

Join Date: 2020-07-03

Pallet is a cargo platform used for cargo transportation and is widely used in production, transportation, storage and distribution. In the early days, most pallets were made of wood. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallet mould have better integrity and cleanliness than a wooden pallet. In the process of plastic pallet, it is light-weight, does not smell, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, etc. The most important point is that the plastic pallet mould material can be recycled. Jnmould designed a pallet mould with a valve gate hot runner system. The special filter system design allows injection moulding of recycled materials. The best injection and cooling system meets the high-speed injection requirements of the mould. There are also foldable pallet moulds. Jinnuo, as a manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection moulds, designed and developed plastic folding pallet for foreign customers as early as many years ago, and developed plastic moulds for folding pallet in various styles and structures. According to market requirements, Jnmould introduced a number of injection moulding machines for the production of folding pallets, which are dedicated to the production of folding pallets by injection moulding. The raw materials are PP and HDPE LDPE.

Pallet can be divided into many types according to materials, uses and structures, so there are many types of plastic pallet moulds. As a professional plastic pallet mould manufacturer in China, Jinnuo produces various plastic pallet moulds, such as foldable pallet mould, recyclable pallet mould...the pallet can pass the drop test, load test and all chemical solutions to meet industrial pallet standard requirement.

Jnmould has a complete design team that can analyze the design process of plastic pallet mould, make mould flow analysis on the details, based on the correct mould flow index, check the filling situation, the load-bearing part of the pallet box, and avoid the risk of predictability in the design process. Jnmould has customized the entire pallet moulding line for more than 200 customers. We have rich experience and advanced equipment to provide you with a complete set of technical solutions. If you need customized plastic pallet mould, please contact us. Jinnuo is a professional service provider of plastic pallet mould in the international market. If you need customized plastic pallet mould, please contact us and you are welcome to visit our company.

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