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What is the injection mould?

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Mould is a tool for products moulding or mass production in manufacturing industry. Injection mould is specially used to produce plastic products, which can give various structures and design dimensions of plastic products. The injection mould can greatly improve the mass production efficiency for some complex products. Its working principle, also known as injection moulding, is that the fully melted plastic material is stirred by the screw under a certain temperature, and injected into the mould cavity with high pressure, and then the moulded product is obtained after cooling and solidification.

Composition of injection mould structure?

1.Cavity and core

The parts with shape, structure and size of moulding material are usually composed of core (punch), cavity (concave) , thread core and inserts.

2. Gating system

It is a channel leading the melted plastic from the injection nozzle to the closed cavity of the mould, which is usually composed of main channel, shunt channel, gate and cold material well.

3. Guide part

In order to ensure that the core and the cavity can be accurately aligned when closing, the guide part is set to play a guiding and positioning role. It is composed of a guide pillar and a guide sleeve. Some moulds are also equipped with guide parts on the ejection plate to ensure the smooth and reliable movement of the demoulding mechanism.

4.Demoulding mechanism

There are many kinds of demoulding devices for plastic parts and gating systems. The most commonly used demoulding mechanisms are ejector pin, eject sleeve, ejector plate, top plate and pneumatic ejection, which are generally composed of ejector pin, reset rod, catapult, ejector pin fixed plate, top plate (top ring) and roof guide pillar/guide sleeve.

5. Core pulling mechanism

For the plastic parts with side hole or side concave, the side core pulling or sliding block separation (side parting) must be carried out before ejection.

6. Mould temperature control system

Mould temperature control system (such as: cooling water, hot water, hot oil and electric heating system) regulates the mould temperature to meet the temperature requirements.

7. Air vent system

Usually, an air vent groove is set at the parting surface of the mould to facilitate the gas discharge. In addition, the clearance between the pushrod or other moving parts (such as slide block) of many moulds can also play the role of air venting

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