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With the fierce competition in the home appliance market, home appliance mold manufacturing has become an important part of the existing design with complex and precise requirements. At the same time, the color, feel, precision and wall thickness of the housing of household appliances put forward new requirements. With the acceleration of product updates, the emergence of new products, the overall shell of home appliances towards a thin, light, fine direction of development.

JNMOULD introduced a variety of imported high-precision processing equipment, five-axis CNC processing equipment, dedicated to electrical shell mold processing, air conditioning parts mold, air conditioning shell mold processing. The surface machining accuracy of household appliances manufactured with high-speed milling and finishing can reach 0.01mm.

JNMOULD also applies hot current technology and gas-assisted technology to the molding of home appliances mould. Most home appliance mold use hot-flow technology, and we are also able to use gas-assisted technology on TV housings, washing machine casings and thick-walled plastic part molds. Gas-assisted injection molding has low injection pressure, small product warping deformation, good surface quality, wall thickness difference easy to form the advantages of the product, in order to ensure product quality under the premise can greatly reduce costs.

JNMOULD professional design, production of various types of home appliance mold, we are a number of home appliance mold suppliers around the world. We specialize in the production of refrigerators and washing machine molds, and we can analyze the feasibility of molding plastic appliance parts and provide a variety of mold design solutions. Every year, JNMOULD has a large number of home appliance mold exports, including air conditioning parts mold, air conditioning shell mold, air conditioning component mold, liquid crystal display shell mold, refrigerator mold, and other household appliances mold.

If you would like to learn more about home appliance molds or need to purchase such molds please contact us, we will provide you with the perfect solution.

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