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Join Date: 2020-06-23

Jnmould is an injection furniture mould manufacturer. We have exported furniture mould for nearly 20 years. Furniture mould is one of the products of Jnmould. Our professional furniture mould includes:

  • Chair mould, such as armchair, armless chair, children's chair, folding chair, gas assisted chair, PC chair, Plastic rattan chair, etc.
  • Table mould, such as round table top, rectangular table top, table leg, garden table, outdoor table, indoor table, etc.
  • Cabinet mould and drawer mold, etc

Our customers can benefit from our furniture moulds, which is famous for its durability, elegant design and exquisite appearance. Jnmould has a strong market competitiveness in furniture mould:

  • Jnmould consider the best mould structure and size during making mould design, so that customer can get the best solution and best machining process.
  • Furniture products have high requirements for appearance. So the cooling system is very important. We design the cooling channel as close to the product surface as possible, increase the number of cooling channels to enhance the cooling effect and reduce the cycle time of furniture mould.
  • Our quality control team will also check and test various parameters to ensure that the furniture mould is free from defects.
  • Jnmould combines the automation technology into the mould to realize the automatic demoulding. We can consider IML (in mold label) labeling, the label can be customized, and the label will not fade for a long time, keep bright and beautiful, and make the product more beautiful.
  • If your furniture has special design requirements, we have a strong professional team to provide you with customized solutions.

Jnmould is a professional furniture mould manufacturer, we provide chair mould, table mould, sofa mould, chaise lounge mould, stool mould and so on. You can check our furniture mould on our website and contact us. We will provide you with high quality, competitive price and short delivery time.

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