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plastic bus chair mould

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plastic bus chair mould

Jnmould is professional in mould design and custom production of all kinds of chair mould, we have provided the plastic bus chair mould for European customers.

The public transport plastic chair is a common public facility in our daily life. The public transport plastic chair requires high strength and certain flexibility. In the shaping process of the bus chair, we generally choose ABS plastic material with good mechanical comprehensive performance.

In the design process, we first on the bus plastic chair plastic parts for process analysis, to select the appropriate mould and injection moulding machine, and so on. The bus chair for large plastic parts, accordingly need to design large mould and large injection moulding machine. The mould is suitable for single cavity mould structure, using a single point direct gate injection, plastic parts after stripping, the excess part of artificial resection.

The steel material of the bus chair mould is usually 718H, the hardness can reach HRC33-36. Steel materials can also be used according to customer requirements. The number of cavities in the bus chair mould is generally 1 cavity, and the cycle period is 40-50 seconds. The delivery time of the bus chair mould is about 55-70 days.

Jnmould has its own mould design and processing team to provide customized plastic chair. If you require plastic bus chair mould, please contact us.

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