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The main points of plastic crate moulding

Join Date: 2020-03-02

How to make plastic crate? What is the plastic crate moulding process? What are the factors that influence the moulding cycle? The time required to complete an injection moulding process is called the cycle time, also known as the moulding cycle. The cycle time of plastic crate mould directly affects productivity.

The size accuracy and precision of the crates are affected by the time of holding pressure before the melting material is frozen at the gate. The holding time of the crate depends on the material temperature, mould temperature, the size of the main flow channel and the gate. If the dimensions and process conditions of the main channel and gate are normal, then the pressure value with the smallest fluctuation range of the crate shrinkage rate shall prevail. The cooling time of the crate mainly depends on the thickness of the crate, the thermal properties and crystallization properties of the plastic, as well as a series of factors such as mould temperature. At the end of the cooling time, plastic crates should be guaranteed to meet the requirements, and then demoulding. If the cooling time is too long, it will not only reduce production efficiency, but also cause difficulty in demoulding complex parts, and even demoulding stress will be generated during forced demoulding. Other factors affecting the moulding cycle include whether the moulding process is continuous and automated.

Therefore, in the plastic crate moulding process, should be in the premise of ensuring high quality, to shorten the moulding cycle of each stage of time. In the whole moulding cycle, injection time and cooling time are the most important, they have a decisive impact on the quality. The filling time in injection time is directly inversely proportional to the filling rate, and the filling time in production is generally about 3-5 seconds. The pressure holding time in the injection time is the pressure time on the plastic in the mould cavity, which accounts for a large proportion in the whole injection time.

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