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How to design paint bucket mould?

Join Date: 2020-08-25

To obtain high-quality paint bucket mould, you have to pay attention to the mould company's equipment, technicians experience, and a good reputation. Jnmould has more than 150 employees including high administrators and technicians. Jnmould owns more than 50 sets of large-size CNC equipments. Including high speed CNC and Spotting machine. Jnmould owns a whole set of advanced technology in CAD/CAE/CAM and summarizes a set of mature experience.

In addition, you have to pay attention to the mould life of the paint bucket mould. In order to obtain a million times and maintain precision paint bucket mould, high-quality mould steel must be used in the project. The hardness of the paint bucket mould steel must be at least HRC33 or higher. P20 can be used, or higher cost steel can be used. At present, most of the paint bucket moulds are single-cavity moulds, and 520 Ton injection molding machines can be used.

For example, the issue of the center-off, it will cause uneven wall thickness of the paint bucket. In the processing process, even if the core and cavity are processed by a high-speed CNC lathe, the center-off will be happened during the assembly process. Jnmould has long-term assembly experience. Jnmould eliminate the issue of center-off in the processing and assembly at the first time, and avoid the delay of delivery time due to frequent trial and repair in the future.

As for the air tightness of the paint bucket, Jnmould adopts high-precision  equipment to ensure the design requirements on the size, and conduct sealing tests and drop tests on the finished paint bucket to ensure that when it is full of paint, it will shake violently and fall from a height. It can ensure that the paint won’t overflow or emit odor.

In addition, you should pay more attention to the design of the paint bucket mould.

The design of the plastic paint bucket is very important. The quality of the plastic paint bucket affects the competitiveness of the products in the market directly . At the same time, unreasonable design will also cause the issue such as center-off on the paint bucket mould and poor sealing. Jnmould will first evaluate your detailed requirements, then design the plastic paint bucket, and  improvement suggestions via mould flow analysis to ensure the best injection molding effect.

When the design problem of the plastic paint bucket is solved, excellent mould design ability is also very important. Jnmould can produce high-quality, high-efficiency, high-speed plastic paint bucket mould for you. For example, for our 20L plastic barrel mould, for high-speed operation, we choose DIN1.2738 steel, the core is made of beryllium copper inserts, and equipped with a needle valve gate system and the best designed cooling system, so that it can operate at high speeds Realize fast and stable operation.

Plastic paint bucket mould is the basis for manufacturing high-quality plastic paint buckets. Knowing more about the design of plastic paint bucket mould can help you make high-quality plastic paint buckets with stronger market competitiveness. Based on more than ten years of experience in paint bucket moulding and design, We can provide you with any information on manufacturing plastic paint bucket molds.

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