paint bucket mould

Jnmould is a professional paint bucket mould manufacturer in China, We provide from 10L to 50L capacity as well as the different shape of paint bucket mould. In order to manufacture high-quality paint bucket moulds, we must choose the right steel for the bucket moulds. Generally, for the mould with a paint bucket mould life of 1 million, it is recommended to choose 2738 as the cavity and core steel.

As a paint bucket mould manufacturer, Jnmould supply the whole set service for paint bucket moulding service, include paint bucket mould design and manufacture, how to make the high-quality paint bucket mould, and what should pay attention to? We adjust the steel, cavities, type of runner for the paint bucket mould according to customer’s requirement, in order to get the high-efficiency production. Jnmould also use lifter structure, so that the edge undercut of paint bucket to can be ejected smoothly.

The issue of the center-off will cause uneven wall thickness of the paint bucket. In the processing process, even if the core and cavity are processed by a high-speed CNC lathe, the center-off will happen during the assembly process. Jnmould has long-term assembly experience. Jnmould eliminates the issue of center-off in the processing and assembly at the first time and avoids the delay of delivery time due to frequent trial and repair in the future.

As for the airtightness of the paint bucket, Jnmould adopts high-precision equipment to ensure the design requirements on the size, and conduct sealing tests and drop tests on the finished paint bucket to ensure that when it is full of paint, it will shake violently and fall from a height. It can ensure that the paint won’t overflow or emit odor.

In addition, In order to meet the requirements of the production cycle and mould life, we will insert copper beryllium in the bottom area and the area along the mouth rib. Paint bucket mould processing, pay special attention to the accuracy of the processing technology. The insert, guidepost, guide sleeve, slide block, slide block and inclined top block of the paint bucket mould are made of wear-resistant standard parts to improve the service life of the mould. The surface of the plastic paint bucket mould is treated with mirror polishing, which can produce the paint bucket with a smooth and beautiful surface.

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