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Plastic washing machine mould

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Jnmould is a professional plastic washing machine mould maker. Washing machine mould is a general term for all washing machine parts moulds, including inner cylinder mould, shell mould, cover mould, control panel mould ... For washing machine manufacturers, they produce the different parts for the same one set of washing machine in different factories, so the accuracy of the washing machine mould is very high, and the assembly effect must be guaranteed. At the same time, for different plastic parts of washing machines, corresponding solutions are needed. For example, washing machine barrel products require no defection, such as burr, deformation. The inner surface must be mirror surface and the injection mold gate cannot be set at the bottom of the inner wall of the barrel. The following issues should be considered during make the washing machine bucket mould:

(1) In order to facilitate the removal from the mold cavity, we have to consider that the inner and outer walls of the plastic washing machine should have a sufficient draft angle during design.

(2) It is very important to keep the wall thickness of the parts be reasonably. The wall thickness of the parts should be as uniform as possible to avoid being too thin, otherwise the plastic parts will be deformed caused by the uneven shrinkage and bubbles. The general wall thickness of the washing machine bucket is 2.5mm.

(3) Select the appropriate steel material. Jnmould uses S420 steel tempered with HRC50 to produce the washing machine control panel moulds; we use DIN1.2343 for pump moulds, because there are many sliding and loose pop-up structures on the mould; we use NAK80 steel to ensure the smooth surface of the washing machine.

(4) Jnmould uses reinforced ribs, supporting surfaces, rounded corners, etc. to ensure the washing machine life and experience, helping you improve your market competitiveness.

plastic washing machine mouldplastic washing machine mould

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