plastic washing machine mould

JNMOULD has a mature experience in the plastic washing machine mould industry, includes inner cylinder mould, shell mould, cover mould, control panel mould and so on.

PP materials are usually used for washing machine shell mould. The gate method is point gate or large gate. The plastic for the upper mould of washing machine are usually PC and PS, which have high transparency. Due to the higher aesthetic requirements of the upper cover, the method of the mould gate of the upper cover of the washing machine is a side gate. The drum of the washing machine has relatively high strength requirements. ABS plastic is usually used. For barrel mould of washing machine mould, PP plastic is usually used. Jinnuo's inner cylinder mould of washing machine has four sliders and is locked by the slope on the core and cavity, which is easy to produce and assemble.

Our cover mould of washing machine the ring acring combined cooling system, which is complicated in the processing, but the cooling effect is better than other cooling systems.

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