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Washing machine mould

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Jinnuo Mould is a famous manufacturer of washing machine mould and an exporter of washing machine mould. We are keen to provide customers with washing machine moulding solutions. The introduction of high-precision imported processing equipment and perfect quality control made us gradually move towards the global market. At present, our washing machine moulds have been exported to many countries, and have become the designated home appliance mould supplier of well-known large electrical appliance manufacturers. Jinnuo has professional processing equipment and testing equipment to provide customers with high-quality washing machine double barrel mould, washing machine single barrel mould, washing machine pulsator mould, washing machine dehydration barrel mould, washing machine dashboard mould, washing machine special pipe fitting mould, washing machine shell mould, the inner barrel mould of the washing machine, and the complete set of plastic parts mould of the washing machine.

The steel material of the washing machine mould is generally 2311, and moulds with high requirements can use S420 or S136 stainless steel material. The gate is usually using a hot runner, the product appearance is more beautiful. The washing machine mould has very high appearance requirements. In addition to no sink mark, air trap, and scratching, the finish must be very smooth, so how to achieve the mirror effect of the mold? Generally, the surface of the mould cavity is roughly polished with a coarse oilstone, and then polished with fine oilstone or sandpaper, and finally, the surface of the mould cavity is polished with polishing paste or abrasive paste, and finally reaches a bright mirror effect. Of course, Jinnuo Mould uses an ultrasonic polishing machine to polish the mould, which is more efficient and greatly shortens the delivery date of the washing machine mould.

    Washing Machine MouldWashing Machine Mould
  • Product name: washing machine mould
  • Origin: Taizhou Huangyan
  • Manufacturer: Jinnuo Mould
  • Steel: S45C, P20, 718H, 2738, 738H, NAK80, SKD61, etc.
  • Mould base: LKM or Self-made.
  • Hot runner: HRS, YUDO, HASCO, etc.
  • Mould accessories: HASCO, DME, PUNCH, JINHONG, etc.
  • Design software: Autocad, UG, Catia, Solidworks ...
  • Packing: wooden box.
  • Delivery time: 50-70 days.

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