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flower pot mould

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Flower pot mould is one of the important products of garden product mould. Jinnuo provides a full set of custom service for flower pot moulds. Customers can customize the ideal flower pot shape. Jinnuo will conduct flower pot mould design and professional mould processing, production and test.

Plastic flower pot advantages

Plastic flower pots are flower pots made of plastic materials. These flower pots are lightweight and cheap. Fower pots have variety of sizes, structures, and appearances to bring an outstanding sensory experience to the space in which you place them. Due to the lightness of the pot, it is easy to move, and the plastic pot becomes the best pot for your planting needs.

Flower pot moulding process

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process in which the resin in the barrel is heated to a molten state and then injected into a flower pot mould to moulding a mould-shaped flower pot. It starts with plastic granulate and is fed into the injection moulding machine through a funnel-shaped hopper, where the plastic is melted and compressed. The molten plastic enters the mould cavity through the gate and runner system. The injection pots are then kept at the set temperature, so the plastic pots can be formed almost after filling is complete. After that, the flower pot mould is opened and the ejector pins pushe the flower pot out of the mould. Then, the mould is closed again for the next production.

Flower pot mould maker

Since its establishment in 2003, Jinnuo is a well-known plastic flower pot manufacturer and plastic flower pot mould factory in China. It is committed to professionally producing various plastic planting moulds, such as PET, PP plastic flower pots, round flower pot moulds, and rose flower pot moulds, plastic garden pot moulds, wholesale plastic flower pots, plastic processing accessories, etc. If you are interested in flower pot mould, please contact us.

  • 1. Superb craftsmanship: combining modern technology (CNC & EDM machine, milling machine, engraving machine, etc.).
  • 2. Reasonable mould structure design: drawings are designed by our experienced engineers.
  • 3. Injection mould operation: fully automatic high-speed injection
  • 4. Equipment: CNC, EDM

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