flower pot mould

Jnmould is known as one of the best plastic flower pot mould manufacturers and plastic flower pot mould factories in China, we offer the best flower pot moulding solution. Customers can customize the flower pot shape, size and material types... Jinnuo will conduct flower pot mould design and professional moulding processing, production and test. With advanced plastic moulding technology, our flower pot moulds are mainly exported to North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Middle East countries.

Most flower pot moulds are very simple in mould structure. The appearance of the flower pot mould can be made into a mirror surface, it can also be made as a dermatoglyphic, and the company logo can also be added by thermal transfer. Jnmould will manufacture the different flower pot in different plastic material, like PP, PE, ABS, Melamine resin, etc. The flower pot mould leaks through the bottom perforation or the sidewall perforation. The bottom leakage design should not be too small, because too small requires high-precision processing, and the cost will increase.

Flower pots are produced by injection moulds, with short production cycles, large output, and long mould life. Flower pot injection moulding is a manufacturing process in which the resin is heated to a molten state and then injected into a mould to moulding a flower pot. Advanced flower pot mould processing technology enables us to accurately control your cost and mass-produce the most suitable flowerpot products. In addition, we will choose the right injection moulding machine to meet your high-speed production needs.

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