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outdoor table mould

outdoor table mould

We can often see round plastic tables in some outdoor scenes such as food stalls and restaurants. Plastic table are widely used for outdoors because of their low cost, short manufacturing time, and long service life. JNMOULD has large-scale gantry CNC machining equipment, the largest mould processing part size is 6m*3m*2m. In addition, Jnmould has more than 10 imported processing equipment and mold testing equipment. We provide customers with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services and technical support.

Generally, due to outdoor table size is big there are many ribs on the back of the product to increase the strength of the table and avoid deformation of the plastic table. For this kind of shrinkage caused by ribs, when designing products, the shrinkage level is basically increased on the table to hide surface defects. Because the outdoor table mould is relatively large, it has higher requirements for cooling effect. Generally, Moldflow is used to analyze the mould cooling system before mould design to find the best cooling position.

Key points of outdoor table mould forming technology:

  • 1. Make regular rib design on the bottom of the table to reduce the shrinkage and deformation of the surface.
  • 2. A well-designed cooling system on the mold and robot picking can shorten the molding cycle.
  • 3. The assembly gap between the table legs and the table top should be considered during mold design.

Plastic outdoor table mould manufacturer, Jnmould can provide a complete plastic table production line and supply outdoor table mould.

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