pallet mould

Pallet mould is one of the main mould manufacturing series in Jnmould, include double-side pallet mould, single-side pallet mould, foldable pallet mould and recyclable pallet mould. Jnmould has years of experience and mature technology in the design and processing of the pallet mould. Injection moulded pallet gradually replaces the traditional wooden trays, because of the features as follows: Neat appearance, easy cleaning and disinfection, long lif. Plastic pallets have high recycling value, the broken pallets can be recycled for reuse, it's very economic.

The mass production of the injection moulded pallet is produced with the plastic pallet mould. The characteristics of pallet mould is a large moulding area, large changes in wall thickness and hole pattern, many ribs, and many mould parting surfaces. Therefore, the design of pallet mould should not only consider the demoulding and pouring system of the pallet, but also ensure that the mould can be closely matched during injection. The pallet mould steel with good quality whose has corrosion resistance, roughness, thermal conductivity. so it’s better to shorten the production cycle of pallet moulding, prolong the pallet mould life and improve the production efficiency.

In addition, for the design of the cooling system of plastic pallet mould, Jnmould consider the cooling effect and the uniformity of the cooling, as well as the influence of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mould. The pallet mould uses circulating water to flow in each part of the mould to reduce the cooling time during injection, improve the production efficiency of the product, and greatly reduce the production cost.

Jnmould designed a pallet mould with a valve gate hot runner system. The special filter system design allows the injection moulding of recycled materials. The best injection and cooling system meets the high-speed injection requirements of the mould. The pallet can pass the drop test, load test and all chemical solutions to meet industrial pallet standard requirement.

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