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paint bucket mold

paint bucket mold

As a china plastic paint bucket mold manufacturer, Jnmould supply the whole set service for paint bucket molding service, include paint bucket mold design and manufacture, how to make the high-quality paint bucket mold, and what should pay attention to?

mold steel: P20, 718, H13, 2316. Usually Jnmold choose the suitable steel for paint bucket mold after analysing the product.
Number of Cavities: 1 cavity or Multiple. To achieve greater productivity, we can use a high-speed injection machine to make paint bucket molding. For example, 1L paint bucket mold, 2 cavities, the molding time can be 7s, and for 20L paint bucket mold, 1 cavity, the molding time is 22s.
Cooling system: The perfect cooling structure avoids the inconsistent cooling in different areas and ensures the balance of the thickness of the barrel surface. At the same time, rapid cooling can also reduce the injection cycle time.

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