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plastic crate mould

plastic crate mould

A high life crate mould must meet the requirements of high-speed injection moulding and also have a good exhaust system design. So how do you get a high life plastic crate mould?

1. First, select the most reasonable steel material for the mould frame and main steel material for the crate mould: core/cavity. For example, for the production of a set of one out of four crate moulds, the mould must be made of pre-hardened steel material with a hardness greater than 33HRC, and then the most suitable mould standard parts are selected.

2. Secondly, the hardness of each piece of steel must be controlled, not too hard.

3. Then, the contact surface and guide part of the plastic crate mould must be finished, and no manual work is allowed.

4. It is better to consider that some production companies will use recycled materials to produce revolving box products. At this time, we must consider how to prevent impurities from entering the mould cavity.

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