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Professional china plastic flower pot mould Maker

china plastic flower pot mould

china plastic flower pot mould

Jnmould is a China plastic flower pot mould manufacturer, provide flower pot moulding service, include china plastic flower pot mould. Flower pot moulds have great development prospects in the future. Because of the modern people's lifestyle, flower cultivation has become their hobby in their lives. Flower pots are produced by injection moulds, with short production cycles, large output, and long mould life.

Flower pot moulds bring economic benefits. A pot of flowers may have a profit of 70%, but if a pot is added, their overall profit maybe 120%. Contemporary people will pursue more and more quality of life. The appearance of the flower pot mould can be made into a mirror surface, it can also be made as a dermatoglyphic, and the company logo can also be added by thermal transfer.

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